Texas State Longhorn Herd — Texas History Notebook

The Longhorn has come to be one of the best loved symbols of Texas. How they came to be here is an interesting story of its own to be dealt with later, but by the 1830s they were fairly plentiful and they ranged widely in Texas. (Image credit: tshaonline.org)

via Texas State Longhorn Herd — Texas History Notebook

Basque Nobility


From the The Old Law of Bizkaia (1452)

“The New Law further stipulates that the privileges inherent in the status of Bizkaian should apply to its inhabitants even when outside of the Seigniory (1.16). This was a quite useful privilege in the Modern Age, given the massive emigration of Bizkaians to the Kingdoms of Castilla and León, as well as the American colonies.

Imbued with their values and preoccupied with sixteenth-century nobiliary concerns, Bizkaians managed to introduce into the New Law of 1526 precepts that were lacking in the Old Law. I refer to the prohibition against according Bizkaian residency to Jews, Moors, and non-nobles (1.13–15). The requirement of accrediting one’s “purity of blood” as a condition for Bizkaian status would characterize, until the twentieth century, the world view of the Bizkaians, as well as the native inhabitants of all the Basque territories.”